Who, me?

I have very exciting news to share with you, folks!

First order of business – NaNo is coming, and I am a brand new co-ML for the USA :: Rhode Island region! You can visit our region’s forum here. The entire website just had it’s annual wipe and relaunch, it’s so shiny and full of new gadgets to explore. Check it out!

Secondly – I am in college! That’s right, little old me has finally straightened herself out and in classes again. It feels remarkably good to be out and participating in something everyday, using my brain, even. Now, I may get a little over-whelmed in the middle (or all of) November but I feel confident I can multitask. This is why I’m only doing three classes for my first term, after all.

Be sure to keep your eyes glued to my Twitter feed since it will be updated more often than here, until the official start of NaNo is underway.

That’s all to report for now. Happy October!