Koda in Leaves


Koda in Leaves

Koda in Leaves


Dreams and Puppies

It’s the time of year again to have NaNo-filled dreams. Yesterday I woke up and spent a good chunk of three hours describing and outlining a weird but interesting dream I had. It was the first time I dreamed about a house I haven’t lived in, and that in itself was quite odd. Usually I wait until November to write down what I see at night but this time I think I’m going to change my NaNo to include the whole dream as new characters. I think this means I have female twins as main characters now..we shall see!

In other news, Koda is finally eating his entire meal three times a day. We’ve heard very conflicting information on how to feed him and when. It’s a little confusing but since he’s still acting very hungry a few hours later, it might be time to try out four meals a day. We’ll have to see what the vet says on Saturday.

Of Words, Fundraisers, and Dogs

Outlining for NaNoWriMo2011 has been going very well so far. I’m using Excel documents created by another Wrimo a few years ago, and it even includes deadlines for when you should complete each section! (I’m a little behind already but I’m catching up quickly.)

My fundraiser for Night of Writing Dangerously is going pretty well. It’s currently sitting at $285, just short of my initial $350 goal. Can we rally together and meet it?

In other news, Koda, my Lab and Husky mix, is finally growing at a good rate. He’s still “behind” for the average age of these breeds but he’s gained almost 2 pounds since our first vet visit Sept 19th. Changing his food and getting rid of roundworms really does help a puppy get healthy! I still can’t believe the rescue didn’t realize he had worms…