Of Recipes, Videos and Nerves

Two links for you today! The first is a recipe I’m going to try out tonight. Cooks.com – Recipe – Drunken Shepherds Pie.

Link two is this amazing video someone made of their house lit up for Halloween with music and everything to Nightmare Before Christmas!

NaNoWriMo is very quickly approaching and I must say I’m very nervous. Each year brings it’s own worries and concerns, but for 2011 I’ll be joining a new region for the first time since I started all of this back home in 2005. My past experiences left more to be desired when I first attempted to join this group, so I hope this time I’ll receive a warmer welcome. I can understand wanting a small group, but I feel everyone should be welcome and encouraged to attend, no matter the group size or whatever else. The nervousness has crept into a hole and is now doing battle against depression, each fighting to decide how this NaNo should fail. To combat these feelings, I have been making sure to dive into my notebooks anytime I think I should just skip NaNoWriMo 2011. It helps me focus on plotting and characters if for no other reason than it’s far better to spend energy on a novel than anything else currently in my head.


4 thoughts on “Of Recipes, Videos and Nerves

    • Thank you, Salem! I’ve gone to the kick off now, and I’m a little more comfortable with the idea of being in a new group. It’s a little weird to not see people my age or younger, though.

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