Dreams and Puppies

It’s the time of year again to have NaNo-filled dreams. Yesterday I woke up and spent a good chunk of three hours describing and outlining a weird but interesting dream I had. It was the first time I dreamed about a house I haven’t lived in, and that in itself was quite odd. Usually I wait until November to write down what I see at night but this time I think I’m going to change my NaNo to include the whole dream as new characters. I think this means I have female twins as main characters now..we shall see!

In other news, Koda is finally eating his entire meal three times a day. We’ve heard very conflicting information on how to feed him and when. It’s a little confusing but since he’s still acting very hungry a few hours later, it might be time to try out four meals a day. We’ll have to see what the vet says on Saturday.


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