The Best Souvenirs Are Free (via C.B. Wentworth)

I always love C.B.’s posts, and this one about vacationing is no different. I actually do the exact same thing whenever I go on a trip, whether it’s at the beach somewhere or even just a walk in town!

I’ve collected all kinds of shells and rocks over the years. Some of my favorites are kept in a glass container in the bathroom as a reminder of my love for the Ocean!

The Best Souvenirs Are Free I took my first trip overseas when I was 17 years old and it's been non-stop journey ever since. Almost every summer I strap on my globetrotting shoes and take off to explore all the beauty this world has to offer.  I always find a little piece of myself hiding in some far flung place as though it was waiting for me to bring it home.  Perhaps, that's why I don't buy souvenirs. The best memories come from experiences and the epiphanies that follow … Read More

via C.B. Wentworth


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