Spring hasn’t sprung

Spring decided it would take a detour and disappear for a week! This past weekend I moved to a new apartment, and for the first time I am on the first floor. I had thought it would be really nice change of pace to not have stairs but I kind of miss them. Anyway, the apartment’s gas heat does not work, and I’ve been freezing all weekend. It’s currently 27-ish with windchill and has been snowing and raining all day. I’ve been cold with heat being shitty but I haven’t been cold because there was zero heat available to turn on before. Because of this I’m currently holed up at Starbucks, leaching their heat.

In other news, the internet was turned on at the new place today. Felt so naked without internet! Of course I haven’t been on very much because of my Lent promise, but at least I was able to use music (Pandora ftw) and movies/tv as something to do while packing at the old place.

Did you remember to take a look at the Supermoon on Saturday night? Sadly my camera is packed away somewhere so I don’t have any pictures of it.


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