Reflection; Spring cleaning


Water Spout

Water Spout - Depot Bay, Oregon 11-11-10

The weather is finally calming down here on the east coast. It’s possible to walk outside without boots and a heavy jacket, and we sometimes see the temperature at 40-50 degrees now. Some of the song birds are back to taking refuge in the trees and bushes below my apartment window because of the nice weather. While their song is beautiful, it is not the best thing to wake up to. Now it’s time to get serious for the rest of today’s post.


I’ve had a lot of time for self-reflection and thinking lately, and decided I’m going to have very limited internet/computer use for Lent. It’s the only way to get true time for myself as I’ve been using every reason and excuse possible to not fulfill my own needs, giving up way too much of myself, time, and mental well-being to the Internet. I haven’t really decided how the limited thing will work yet, but any change will be a big change from the past 4 years of my life. The usual routine was to wake up around noon, be on the computer until I go to bed between 1am-3am, rinse and repeat with very few breaks in between. Not only is it not mentally healthy, but a lot of my physical ailments are due to too much computer use. Will have to plan ahead each day and although I’m the Master at planning, when it comes to execution..I lose self-esteem. Therefore I will be making and checking lists for myself before I go to bed, and when I wake up. The goal is to become more detailed and focused in everything I do, online and off.

I realize I haven’t posted here in weeks and broke my “post every day” and “post a week” streaks, but having limited Computer use will force me to be focused on what I use my time for. Writing will definitely be one thing my new-found time will be spent on. That and reading more.  All those things promised in the posts previous will definitely become completed during this process. Truth be told this post is enough to feel like a heavy weight has been removed from me already!

Are you guys giving up anything during Lent? Feel free to post your responses!


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