The Dark Totoro

I haven’t been posting very often for the “Postaday2011” goal but I have been doing more of my hobbies a little bit each day. That’s at least a step in the right direction, and I have been posting at least once a week. Going to continue using the Postaday2011 tag because I can and it’s helping to motivate me. So there.

My warm-up for the day is this amazing piece of Batman and Totoro fan art! Brought to you by random friend links and the Press This app. Let your eyes soak in the majesty of it all.

The Dark Totoro


Recently I finished watching all of Kaze no Stigma. That site and video from FUNimation just crack me up! Overall the series (watched in English via Netflix’s online streaming) was entertaining, filled with action and mild hints of romance. They packed a lot of character development and plot into 24 episodes, but I thought it could have been a bit longer. With how rushed the last one felt to me, it could have at least been spaced out with another few episodes.


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