postaday2011 Topic #20

Ah, here it is. The one reason this “posting everyday” thing would bite me. I had promised myself I wouldn’t use this blog to talk about personal matters but it seems it’s unavoidable. Maybe getting it out into the open will help me break my road blocks.

Today’s Topic: What’s the most important thing you’re putting off? And why haven’t you done it yet?

Pursing my hobbies, getting a job, and/or going back to school. There’s always going to be a reason to not do one or all of these things..I really just need to bite the bullet and call a community college. The problem is I’ll be moving in two months, and with that comes all kinds of new stress. Will I still be able to use my current doctors and find a college to go to that I can afford? It took me nearly three years to get the doctors I have now, if I have to start over I have no idea what will happen.

My passionate hobbies include photography, writing, and reading. The only one of these I have not given up because of depression at some point over the years would be my photography. I don’t have any fancy SLR cameras, but my trusty digital camera has come with me on many adventures across the country. It gets the most use out of it during beach trips though, and I’m itching to see the ocean.

Actually, my family has peer-pressured me into agreeing to make a book out of my photos and I really should get on that. Where to start? I have thousands and thousands of pictures to search through and find the best of. Perhaps I will start showcasing photos once a week and collect feedback. Comments are more than welcome!


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