Day 2 of NaNoWriMo

Well, as usual, the beginning of NaNo is shaky at best. I was so tired from helping out my church with Fall Fun Fest (early numbers say at least 500 kids) on Halloween that I went to bed before 10pm. It was fun to see the joy as each child dug out their candy in the “lost treasure” themed display. If they found a gold coin, they could trade it in for extra candy! Good times all around and major thanks to those that came to give us volunteers ice water. I didn’t even notice how thirsty I was until then!

Back to NaNoNews. My goal this year is to end NaNo2010 with at least 60,000 words. I did manage to write almost 1100 words yesterday in less than an hour, but allowed myself to become distracted the rest of the day with the dog and other house-sitting needs. To make up for it today, I took several challenges from the awesome thread Write So Many Words If.. that saves my butt every year. I didn’t even finish going through the first page of that thread before hitting over 3k words owed! Ouch, I’ll definitely be over 5k words by the time I go to bed tonight.


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